Places in the Book

The Atlantis Bar, the inspiration for Max’s Place. Painting by Ilene Isseks.

Envision “Moe’s” as “Max’s.” 1940s from, I think, Brooklyn Memories.

The bulging house, with some kids from the block. Notice the “furnished room to let” sign.

The elevated trains over Brighton Beach Avenue, 1940s. It looks pretty much the same today. From the NY Public library.

One of the alleys in Brighton Beach. Photo: Jim Blythe, 1990s.

Surf Ave. Probably 1960s. From NY Public Library.

Nathan’s Famous, 2014. It looked a lot the same back in the 1950s. Photo: Jim Blythe.

The boardwalk, 2014. Photo: Jim Blythe

One of many beauty contests held in Coney Island, 1930s to 1950s. This one 1937, NY Daily News.

My maternal grandparents in front of their butcher shop on the Lower East Side. Probably early 1900s.

The Coney Island Creek where it ends under the Belt Parkway. 1990s. Photo: Jim Blythe.

Part of the vast subway train yard, this part next to the creek. 1990s. Photo: Jim Blythe.

The Cyclone.

Bumper cars. 2014. Photo: Jim Blythe.

Jones Walk. Probably 1940s. From the NY Public Library.

My beloved, hoarder, Auntie Ada’s spare bedroom. An inspiration for the Boarder. Photo: Jim Blythe.


Part of Child’s Restaurant, an inspiration for one of my illustrations. It was built in 1923 and is still there. It reopened in 2016 as a performing arts venue. Photo: Jim Blythe.

Some of Mom’s friends on the beach. Maybe 1940s.

Spook-A-Rama. This was taken in the 1990s, but it looks like it did in the 1950s. Photo: Jim Blythe.

This amazing photo is a recent one of the inside of Spook-A-Rama taken by J.e. Piper.

Steeplechase was the only big amusement park that was still open when I was a kid and we went to it many times. Torn down by Fred Trump in 1965.


Mardi Gras parade, 1910, Library of Congress.

Recent photo by Bob Jaendorf.

The restored version of the B&B Carousell (their spelling). This used to be on Surf Avenue. It’s the one my friends and I used to ride. 2014. Photo: Jim Blythe

A small corner of the vast Stillwell Avenue terminal. 1990s. Photo; Jim Blythe.

From the NY Public Library. Probably 1940s.

From the NY Public Library. Probably 1940s.