Secret Hideout: The Truncated Remains of Coney Island Creek


My painting “The Guardian”


In the following excerpt of my novel, the young narrator, Brooklyn is desperately searching for a dog she loves and seems to have the power to protect her from supernatural death threats.


I went to some of the places I’d gone to during my rambling days, which led me to my secret hideout—the place where the Coney Island Creek abruptly ended. It was filled with dark stagnant water, a few tires, pipes, and the skeletal remains of a shopping cart sticking out along the left bank. I stood at the railing on the part of Shell Road that had never been paved, under the Belt Parkway, breathing in car exhaust and listening to the whoosh of traffic overhead. In the distance I could see a small pier sticking out into the water. The other side of the creek was covered in trees and underbrush as far as you could see. Strange, but as many times as I’d been here, I’d never seen a person or even a car.


Just then I heard something that made the hairs on my arms stand up. It sounded like barking, but muffled and under the surface, far, far away.





 Photo of creek and train graveyard by Jim Blythe


I used to bike over there when I was a kid to draw. Like a lot of places in Coney Island it seemed to radiate spirits of the past. It backed up against the train graveyard. I could almost hear that lonesome whistle blow.

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  1. Norman Soskel says:

    Wow, really makes you want to keep reading. Can’t wait for the whole deal.

  2. sue miller says:

    Shelia really like having the photographs of real time to go along with your story…..of course story is best……makes me want to read more…..the publishing process seems to be moving your book along…good luck…sue

  3. marilyn says:

    Very evocative….am looking forward to buying the published novel.

  4. skippy gronauer says:

    I definitely want to keep reading. I lived in NYC two years, ages, 19-21 and went to Coney Island several times…………I get it. Hope to read more. skippy gronauer

  5. Bev says:

    Excited to see more of this novel about my hometown! Your work and art are fabulous, Sheila.

  6. Marilyn Jones says:

    That was fast paced reading – engaging stuff!

  7. Judith Barrie says:

    I can’t wait to read more. Makes me feel like I’m really there.

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