October, 2017, Jim Blythe

I’m proud to present my husband Jim Blythe, back again for his third amazing exhibition. This series consists photographs he took in the 1990’s with real film, some of which are reminiscent of the stunning ones Diane Arbus took of Coney Island in the 1960s.


From Jim :

What Ginia Bellafante wrote in the Times yesterday (10/1) applies to me: “If you came of age in the city…from the…Velvet Underground to the…Strokes, [change] can feel acutely personal because the city that defined you belongs to history, & the one that has replaced it belongs to those on the winning side of its Darwinian economics — financiers who do what you don’t understand & real-estate businesses that build & displace with an impunity that remains all too clarifying.” From selling electric yo-yo’s in Times Square in 1971, to following glam & early punk bands & visiting Coney Island throughout the 70s, my New York was seedy & exciting. While I can hardly regret the renaissance of CI, it has lost something.


Floating World: http://vgoo.gl/ns29mM

Portfolio: http://goo.gl/a5ArA

Coney Island: http://goo.gl/XVGDpX

Coney Island 1990s: http://goo.gl/aQkPrx


Dante’s Inferno













Coney Island Creek, Belt Parkway


The train yard which backs up to the creek.









Part of The Dragon’s Cave.







They call this a laughing Sal.






Jim and Sheila at the Five Pointz section of Queens, a factory district famous for it’s spectacular graffiti, shortly before they tore most of it down in 2014.


Jim is a retired Medieval history professor who used to teach at the University of Memphis. These days he spends much of his time on photography and writing a book on end of the world movements in the Middle Ages.

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  1. Johnny Lowe says:

    yes! thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Daniel Unowsky says:

    Wonderful photographs!

  3. Rhonda Charnes says:

    This is quite a moving tribute – so cool!

  4. Jan says:

    Nice variety of unusual images !

  5. Jana says:

    Thank you for sharing this era with those of us who haven’t been able to see Coney Island through the stages of its evolution. I am enamored of every image and story…and you two provide such a rich history. Thank you, and keep it coming!

  6. Dana Friedman says:

    Great photos! Third Street still lives!!
    Say hello to Sheila.
    Have a wonderful fall season!

  7. Marilyn Califf says:

    I knew you were good, even before you started that macro stuff. I specially like the one with that tall ride that you framed with vegetation, like looking thru a window.

  8. Linda zises says:

    Love them all!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Amazing captures of decaying times.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Blythe,
    You’ve captured some amazing & thought-provoking images of a time gone by & how we ALL yearn for times & things gone by.

    Although the images reflect CI’s past, I can easily connect them with images of my past life while growing up in Memphis & living in Illinois, and our family visits to numerous other places (your images helped me recall many of these bewildering landscapes of people, places & things ).

    Thanks for the pics!–EJ

  11. Marilyn J. says:

    These are a very diverse collection of photos. You capture so many different moods, people and places. Very interesting.

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