February 2018, Thomas Sciacca


This—my last monthly Coney Island exhibition—is going out with a big bang. Presenting the amazing, gorgeous, evocative visual art of Thomas Sciacca.


In his words:

“Thomas Sciacca began the series Sideshow Serenade in late 2012.

“It was originally proposed and developed with artist Mark Wright, vintage boutique owner Shannon Wolf, and tattoo artist Whispering Danny, all from the Kansas City area. The ongoing series depicts both historical and current day circus and sideshow performers from around the world. The finished works vary so far as materials and formats: prints, drawings on paper, painted canvas, plywood, found objects, jewelry, shadow boxes, wall clocks, free standing life sized figures on plywood, toys, and electrified signage. Sideshow Serenade has been the subject of one person shows with Rock Candy Boutique, Todd Weiner Gallery, and Phoenix Gallery, in Kansas City, Missouri.”


To view and purchase his wonderful prints I highly recommend you go to:



“Spook-a-Rama ran almost the entire block. This attraction had gone up just last season and they were still tinkering with it, so I didn’t even know what all the stunts were. I did know that the cars no longer spun side to side as they whipped around the pretzel track—too much vomiting, I’d heard.” —The Coney Island Book of the Dead which takes place in 1957

































“A Coney Island ride called ‘The Hell Hole’ turned into a spinning chamber of horror last night when it suddenly broke down, severing a woman’s leg and hurtling terrified riders through the air. Riders were tossed like dolls and some had limbs mangled inside the dark circular two-story ride, which split open at 9:40 p.m.”—NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sunday, July 30, 1995









Also from him:

“Thomas Sciacca is a 1985 graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

“As an editorial illustrator he has created works with and for many nationally known publishers of newspapers, magazines, and books. Sciacca has taught in the design/illustration programs of the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, and the Kansas City Art Institute. Sciacca has also designed and painted theatrical sets for a range of adult and children’s theaters in Kansas City, Missouri.”


Three lovely slideshow videos:




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  1. Marilyn J. says:

    Wow! He is so talented. Some of the images are very creepy, but they are also very Coney Island. The colors and details make even the ugly images beautiful.

  2. Ross says:

    OMG, “EEKA” is totally nuts! These are great, though!

  3. To Thomas,
    So well executed, fantastical color. What are the dimensions? medium? pastel?

    To Sheila,
    Your hard work in putting together the on line galleries was much appreciated.
    Thank you! and all best going forward with your work-

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Philomena-! Many of these are slightly larger than a playing card-and are colored pencil drawings on colored paper. These are the textured or grainier ones. Paintings are smoother, and I don’t do as many of these unless requested.

  4. Sheila says:

    Thank you Philomena for your kind words.

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